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Well, thanks to some generous sponsors, you can! The Rockwell Group and Dine Out NYC have partnered to create outdoor dining destinations in selected neighborhoods in NYC by creating modular dining systems that adhere to current health guidelines and setting them up for restaurants. And we get to be one of the showcases!!!! A big thanks to them and additional partners American Express, NYC DOT, Chinatown BID, RoomAndBoard & NYC Hospitality Alliance!


Our History goes back to 1938

Now in its third generation of ownership, Wo Hop continues to be the go-to Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. We serve "old-fashioned chop suey style food. Americans like this style and not very many restaurants in Chinatown sell it anymore." We have some of the most dedicated customers around. Some come weekly and even daily. It's fast casual dining and delicious. We have a huge tourist customer base since they love to spread the word to their family and friends when they return home and via posts on Yelp and Facebook. No frills here, just reliable tasty food! 


Read Our Reviews

From Gothamist August 2020

"the original Wo Hop (the neighborhood's second oldest restaurant, behind Nom Wah) and the younger Wo Hop City, are now back in action"

From The New York Times July 2010

"It is what New Yorkers used to know as a Chinese restaurant, serving an Americanized version of Chinese food, an authentic taste of an inauthentic past."

From July 2019

"Wo Hop continues to be a successful restaurant where tourists congregate."

From Youtube (cheyology)April 2019

WO HOP | New York's oldest Chinese Restaurant | What I ate this Wednesday



From November 2015

From August 2018

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