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Some Of Our Loooooooooong Time Customers!

Wo Hop has a strong and loyal following, probably the best. Some of our fans have been eating here since before they were born! And they promise to haunt us in the afterlife. But not if the staff is around. Only after closing. As long as we leave their favorite dish out once a week...

Mike M and his kids.

Starting with his grandparents, they've been coming here for over 65 years!

Mike M.'s parents wondering why they weren't invited to the same boat trip?


Amina Susi- Fan since 2001. Reads books about window gates.


Annmarie Spitzer- Fan since 1975. Drinking her "protein shake".


Mr. Annmarie Spitzer? Fan since 1975. Waiting for the Disney Parade to start- tomorrow.


Robert Ribit Harrison and family- Fans since the 80's. Wonders why we have so many signs and how to get one.


Donald Hom & Friends- Fans since 1974. Seeing who can keep their eyes open the longest while staring into the sun.


Three sisters- Fans since 1985. They forgot a "Red Envelope" in their washing machine and will have to live with the consequences for a while.

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